gives a list of 2D images corresponding to the slices in the Image3D object image.

Image3DSlices[image, {s1, s2, ...}]
extracts the specified slices

Image3DSlices[image, {s1, s2, ...}, d]
takes slices in dimension d.


  • Image3DSlices works with images containing any number of color channels.
  • Image3DSlices[image] is equivalent to Image3DSlices[image, All, 1].
  • In Image3DSlices[image, {s1, s2, ...}, d], the first dimension corresponds to image slices running from top to bottom, the second dimension corresponds to the rows running from back to front, and the third dimension corresponds to columns running from left to right.
  • Image3D[Image3DSlices[image]] is effectively equivalent to image.
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