is an option to various array and image operations that specifies what padding to use when extending beyond the original data specified.


  • Typical settings for Padding include:
  • cpad with the expression c
    "Fixed"repetitions of the elements on each boundary
    "Periodic"cyclic repetitions of the complete array
    "Reflected"reflections of the array in the boundary
    "Reversed"reversals of the complete array
    Nonedo no padding
  • For a 2D array, indicates that the rectangle of elements added at each corner should be copies of the elements at the corners of the original array.
  • indicates that the outermost layer of elements in the array should be repeated as the innermost layer of elements in the padding. specifies that these elements should not be repeated.

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Basic Examples (1)Basic Examples (1)

Image convolution with a Gaussian, taking pixel values outside the image to be yellow:

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