represents a button that pastes expr whenever it is pressed.

PasteButton[label, expr]
displays with label on the button.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • expr is by default pasted at the current insertion point in your input notebook.
  • PasteButton[notebook, label, expr] pastes to the specified notebook.
  • PasteButton evaluates its arguments in an ordinary way, so that expr is immediately evaluated.
  • PasteButton[Defer[expr]] creates a button which pastes the unevaluated form of expr.
  • If expr contains a selection placeholder, it will be replaced by your current selection when the paste is done.
  • Selection placeholders are represented by the character or \[SelectionPlaceholder].
  • label can be any expression.
  • PasteButton takes the same options as Button.
  • PasteButton[expr] creates a button with equivalent functionality to the one created by Button[expr, None, BaseStyle->"Paste"].
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