PixelValuePositions[image, val]
returns a list of pixel positions in image that match the value val.

PixelValuePositions[image, val, d]
returns all pixel positions that have values within a distance d from val.


  • PixelValuePositions returns a list of integer positions where , with assumed to be in the standard image coordinate system where the values of x range from to width, and the values of y range from to height. Pixel position represents the center of the pixel at the bottom-left corner.
  • For three-dimensional images, PixelValuePositions[image, val] returns the positions , such that pixel position corresponds to the center of the bottom-left front pixel.
  • In PixelValuePositions[image, val], val can be a scalar, a list of channel values, or a color.
  • PixelValuePositions[image, val] is equivalent to PixelValuePositions[image, val, 0].
  • PixelValuePositions[image, "Min"] and PixelValuePositions[image, "Max"] can be used to return pixel positions with minimum and maximum intensity values, respectively.
  • ImageValuePositions[image, val] is equivalent to PixelValuePositions[image, val]-0.5.

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Basic Examples (3)Basic Examples (3)

Extract positions of the white pixels:

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Positions of the pixels with values within the specified distance from white:

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Positions of white pixels in a 3D image:

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