terminates a Mathematica kernel session.


  • Quit[] quits only the Mathematica kernel, not the front end.
  • To quit a notebook front end, choose the Quit menu item.
  • All kernel definitions are lost when the kernel session terminates.
  • If you have kept the definitions in a file or in a notebook you can always reenter them in a subsequent session.
  • Before terminating a kernel session, Mathematica executes any delayed value that has been assigned to the global variable $Epilog. Conventionally, this attempts to read in a file .m of commands to be executed before termination.
  • On most computer systems, Quit[n] terminates the Mathematica kernel, passing the integer n as an exit code to the operating system.
  • Exit is a synonym for Quit.

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Basic Examples (1)Basic Examples (1)

Quit terminates the kernel, losing any definitions that have been made:

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Quit[] will terminate the kernel. Do not enter it if you have any definitions you want to keep:

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The previous definition for a has been lost:

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