splices Mathematica output into an external file. It takes text enclosed between and in the file, evaluates the text as Mathematica input, and replaces the text with the resulting Mathematica output.

Details and OptionsDetails and Options

  • Splice["infile", "outfile"] processes text from the file infile, and writes output into outfile.
  • Splice["file"] takes files with names of the form name.mx and writes output in files with names name.x.
  • Text in the input file not enclosed between and is copied without change to the output file.
  • The default format for Mathematica output is determined by the extension of the input file name:
  • name.mcCForm
  • The following options for Splice can be used:
  • Delimiters{"<*","*>"}delimiters to search for
    FormatTypeAutomaticdefault format for Mathematica output
    PageWidth78number of character widths per output line
  • You can use pipes instead of files for input and output to Splice.

ExamplesExamplesopen allclose all

Basic Examples (1)Basic Examples (1)

Create a file with an expression:

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Read the file:

Splice Mathematica output into the file:

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Read the output file:

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