StringReplacePart["string", "snew", {m, n}]
replaces the characters at positions m through n in by .

StringReplacePart["string", "snew", {{m1, n1}, {m2, n2}, ...}]
inserts copies of at several positions.

StringReplacePart["string", {"snew1", "snew2", ...}, {{m1, n1}, {m2, n2}, ...}]
replaces characters at positions through in by .


  • StringReplacePart uses position specifications in the form returned by StringPosition. »
  • When a list of is given, its length must be the same as the length of the list of positions. »
  • When multiple positions are given, all refer to the original , before any replacements have been done.
  • StringReplacePart[s, "", ...] can be used to delete substrings. »
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