gives a list of all possible subsets of list.

Subsets[list, n]
gives all subsets containing at most n elements.

Subsets[list, {n}]
gives all subsets containing exactly n elements.

Subsets[list, {nmin, nmax}]
gives all subsets containing between and elements.

Subsets[list, nspec, s]
limits the result to the first s subsets.

Subsets[list, nspec, {s}]
gives if possible the ^(th) subset.


  • Subsets[list] gives the power set of list.
  • Subsets[list] orders subsets with shortest first, and later elements in list omitted first.
  • If the elements of list are in the order returned by Sort, then the complete result from Subsets[list] will also be in this order.
  • Subsets[list, All] is equivalent to Subsets[list].
  • Subsets[list, {nmin, nmax, dn}] gives subsets containing , , ... elements.
  • Subsets[list, nspec, spec] gives the same result as Take[Subsets[list, nspec], spec], provided that the elements specified by spec are present.
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