is an option for Manipulate that specifies where controls should be placed when the Manipulate is viewed on a supported touchscreen device.


  • Settings for TouchscreenControlPlacement will have no effect unless Mathematica or Player is running on a touchscreen device supported by Wolfram Research, such as the iPad.
  • Possible settings include:
  • Automaticplace all controls in a tray that pops out from the bottom of the screen
    posplace controls in a tray that pops out from the side of the screen specified by pos
    {posportrait,poslandscape}place controls differently when the touchscreen device is oriented in portrait vs. landscape
    Noneleave controls in the body of the Manipulate even on a supported touchscreen device
  • Possible forms of pos include Bottom, Left, Top, Right.
  • TouchscreenControlPlacement->Automatic affects all of the Manipulate controls and text that would typically display outside the content region. TouchscreenControlPlacement->pos only affects those controls that do not have individual ControlPlacement settings.
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