MLINK MLFromLinkID(MLENV env, long inumb)
returns the link object with ID number inumb in the MathLink environment env.


  • If no link object in the environment env has the ID number inumb, MLFromLinkID() returns (MLINK)0.
  • MLFromLinkID() is declared in the MathLink header file mathlink.h.

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Basic Examples (1)Basic Examples (1)

#include "mathlink.h"

/* read data from the link represented by id */

void f(MLENV env, long id)
    MLINK lp;

    lp = MLFromLinkID(env, id);
    if(lp == (MLINK)0)
        { /* unable to get the link from the id number */ }

    /* determine the type of data on lp */
        /* ... */

    /* ... */
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