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Animate Selected Graphics

Animate Selected Graphics
animates graphics in a selection of cells, typically a cell group.


  • The animation is displayed in the position of the first graphic; you may need to scroll to make the first graphic visible.
  • To stop the animation, click anywhere in the notebook or press any key. When the animation starts, a palette of speed and direction control buttons appears in the notebook window. These buttons set the options AnimationDisplayTime and AnimationCycleOffset on the selected cell objects.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Ctrl+Y (Windows); Cmd+Y (Macintosh); Ctrl+Y (Linux).
  • You can also use the following keyboard commands:
  • KeysAction
    run animation forward
    run animation backward
    move one frame forward, stop
    move one frame backward, stop
    Crun animation cyclically
    >speed up animation
    <slow down animation
    1 (slow)-9 (fast)set animation speed
    any key press or mouse clickstop animation
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