Edit Find...

searches the current notebook for matches to the text contained in the Search for: field of the dialog box.


  • Once a match is found in the notebook, choosing Replace in the Find dialog box replaces the selected match with the new text contained in the Replace with: field.
  • The following choices may be made in the Find dialog box:
  • Find Nextsearch forward for the next occurrence
    Find Previoussearch backward for the next occurrence
    Find Allselect all cells containing the search string
    Ignore caseconduct a case-insensitive search
    Wrap aroundwrap search through end back to starting point
  • Once your search string has been entered, it can be used by all the commands in the Find menu including Find Next, Replace, Replace All, and Replace and Find Next. Edit ► Enter Selection is a convenient way to copy text from your notebook into the Find dialog box.
  • The Find dialog box searches the contents of cells only. Use Cell ► Cell Tags ► Find Cell Tag to search cell tags.
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