Word Processing in Notebooks

Mathematica includes many commands for word processing and formatting.

You can set the following cell options from the Format menu: style, font, face, size, text color, background color, cell dingbat, text alignment, text justification, and word wrapping.

To Apply an Option:

Select the cell bracket or some text.


Choose the option desired from the Format menu, such as the background color.


To Spell Check a Notebook:

Choose Edit ► Check Spelling. Mathematica begins to spell check the notebook at the position of the cursor. At any misspelling or unknown word, Mathematica displays the word and recommends a replacement.


You can use the popup menu to add a word to the dictionary associated with the notebook, session, cell, or your global preferences.


  • Choose Insert ► Page Break to insert a page break in a notebook.
  • To Type a Formula into a Text Cell:

    Place the cursor in the text cell where you want to enter the formula. Press Ctrl+( or Ctrl+9. A placeholder box appears in the cell.


    Using keystrokes, enter the formula (see "Entering Input in Notebooks").


    Press Ctrl+) or Ctrl+0 to end the formula.

    Inline Cells

    You can copy and paste entire cells into other cells. For example, you can include typeset formulas from input cells or embed graphics in a text cell.

    To Paste One Cell inside Another:

    Select the cell bracket.


    Choose Edit ► Copy. Position the cursor or select some text.


    Choose Edit ► Paste.



    Mathematica can hyphenate words in text cells if you set Hyphenation->True. When command names are long, Mathematica uses a special continuation character () to break the name. You can control hyphenation using the Option Inspector. See "Option Inspector" for more information.



  • To create a new cell in the most recent style, press Alt+Enter. The new cell will appear below the most recent cell.
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