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BrayCurtisDistance   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
BrayCurtisDistance[u, v] gives the Bray\[Dash]Curtis distance between vectors u and v.
Statistics`ClusterAnalysis`   (Mathematica Compatibility Information)
FindClusters and the distance and dissimilarity functions have been added to the built-in Mathematica kernel. SupDistance is replaced by ChessboardDistance. ...
ManhattanDistance   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
ManhattanDistance[u, v] gives the Manhattan or "city block" distance between vectors u and v.
Distance and Similarity Measures   (Mathematica Guide)
Different measures of distance or similarity are convenient for different types of analysis. Mathematica provides built-in functions for many standard distance measures, as ...
CanberraDistance   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
CanberraDistance[u, v] gives the Canberra distance between vectors u and v.
ChessboardDistance   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
ChessboardDistance[u, v] gives the chessboard, Chebyshev, or sup norm distance between vectors u and v.
SquaredEuclideanDistance   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
SquaredEuclideanDistance[u, v] gives the squared Euclidean distance between vectors u and v.
EuclideanDistance   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
EuclideanDistance[u, v] gives the Euclidean distance between vectors u and v.
Partitioning Data into Clusters   (Mathematica Tutorial)
Cluster analysis is an unsupervised learning technique used for classification of data. Data elements are partitioned into groups called clusters that represent proximate ...
New in 6.0: Alphabetical Listing   (Mathematica Guide)
By far the largest release since Version 1.0 in 1988, Version 6.0 added a remarkable breadth of new functionality. As well as introducing several major new fundamental ...
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