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ControlsRendering   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
ControlsRendering is a Style option that specifies how controls should be rendered.
Controls Options   (Mathematica Guide)
Mathematica's symbolic control objects include options that make it easy to optimize both appearance and functionality in arbitrarily sophisticated interfaces.
Evaluation > Debugger Controls   (Mathematica Menu Item)
Debugger Controls opens a submenu of debugger controls.
Evaluation > Debugger Controls > Finish   (Mathematica Menu Item)
Finish makes the debugger run through the entire evaluation, ignoring any breakpoints.
Evaluation > Debugger Controls > Halt   (Mathematica Menu Item)
Halt interrupts the debugger and displays the evaluation stack.
Evaluation > Debugger Controls > ...   (Mathematica Menu Item)
Continue resumes debugging from one breakpoint to the next breakpoint.
Evaluation > Debugger Controls > Step   (Mathematica Menu Item)
Step makes the debugger stop at the beginning of the next expression.
Evaluation > Debugger Controls > Step In   (Mathematica Menu Item)
Step In stops the debugger at the next stopping point.
Evaluation > Debugger Controls > ...   (Mathematica Menu Item)
Toggle Breakpoint toggles a breakpoint on or off.
Step Out stops the debugger after finishing all evaluations in a stack.
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