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Mathematica not only allows you to insert arbitrary graphics into user interfaces, but also provides convenient characters that allow you immediately to build and document ...
Standalone Interfaces   (Mathematica Guide)
Mathematica not only allows you to create interfaces within its usual notebook framework, but also to create complex standalone interfaces that customize the whole user ...
.NET User Interfaces   (NETLink Guide)
Java User Interfaces   (JLink Guide)
DoModal -- wait until the Java window is closed, JavaShow -- make a window visible and in front, ShowJavaConsole -- display System.out and System.err output in a separate ...
$UserBaseDirectory   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
$UserBaseDirectory gives the base directory in which user-specific files to be loaded by Mathematica are conventionally placed.
Mathematica's symbolic architecture makes it unprecedentedly easy to create and manipulate sophisticated layouts for user interfaces—both as static structures and with ...
Systems Interfaces & Deployment   (Mathematica Guide)
Unique customizability and connectivity powered by symbolic programming.
Using a Notebook Interface   (Mathematica Tutorial)
If you use your computer via a purely graphical interface, you will typically double-click the Mathematica icon to start Mathematica. If you use your computer via a textually ...
Systems Interfaces & Deployment   (Mathematica Overview)
"How to" Topics Global Aspects of Mathematica Sessions The Internals of Mathematica
$UserName   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
$UserName gives the login name of the user who invoked the Mathematica kernel, as recorded by the operating system.
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