What's New in Wolfram SystemModeler 4.0

What's New in Wolfram SystemModeler 5.0 | 4.3 | 4.2 | 4.1


  • Linux is now a supported platform.
  • 64-bit versions now available for Mac and Linux.
  • Standard FMI export of models, to easily use SystemModeler models in many other tools. »

Model Libraries

  • New library store for free and paid SystemModeler libraries. »
  • Automated installation workflow for libraries. »
  • New library manager interface. »
  • All libraries verified to work with SystemModeler.
  • New Hydraulic systems library for use in mechatronics.
  • Updated BioChem library for biochemical pathway modeling, with updated import/export for latest SBML format.
  • New SystemDynamics library for social and market systems.
  • New PlanarMechanics library for 2D mechanical systems modeling.
  • New SmartCooling library for cooling of machinery modeling.
  • Updated built-in Modelica Standard Library Version 3.2.1. »
  • New built-in quasi-stationary electrical library for fast simulation. »
  • New built-in fundamental wave magnetic library for fast simulation. »
  • New built-in digital electronic library for digital circuit modeling. »
  • Support for thermal modeling for mechanical components.


  • New Documentation Center for all documentation makes it easy to browse and search.
  • Models have improved aesthetics and direct one-click simulation.
  • Model documents are fully linked to components and examples.
  • New library documentation is automatically integrated into Documentation Center.
  • User-created model documentation automatically integrated into Documentation Center.
  • Improved documentation editor for user model documentation.
  • New Modelica by Example book included.


  • New presentation mode for models. »
  • New level of detail for model diagrams. »
  • Greatly improved support for model parameterizations, including tabbed groups of parameters, suggested parameter values, etc. »
  • Support for storing experiment settings in models. »
  • Improved navigation of large-scale hierarchical models. »
  • Improved text-based modeling, including C-style comments and optimized drag-and-drop support. »
  • Improved search of model classes, with incremental search results. »


  • Faster compilation and simulation of models.
  • Support for concurrent simulations. »
  • Improved 3D animation with support for STL shapes and ability to click to highlight model component. »
  • Support for additional compilers, including Visual Studio (Express) 2013 (Windows), g++, and Clang (Linux).

Mathematica Integration

  • Automatically create models from equations. »
  • Automatically create models from system models, including transfer functions and state-space models. »
  • Programmatically create models by linking existing components. »
  • Automatically use model diagrams and icons as representation in Mathematica. »
  • Faster compilation and simulation.
  • Automatically use experiment settings for simulation of models. »
  • Seamlessly transfer results from Simulation Center to Mathematica. »
  • Improved conversion of models to equations, including DAE and event-based representations. »
  • Real-time simulation support, including input and output. »
  • Real-time visualization of simulations, including plots, gauges, and animated diagrams. »
  • Real-time control of input to simulations, including from devices, from user-interface controls, etc.
  • Fully integrated with user-assistance features, including code assist and Predictive Interface.
  • Fully support new plot legends and hybrid differential equation capabilities. »

What's New in Wolfram SystemModeler 5.0 | 4.3 | 4.2 | 4.1