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Spherical - spherical - prismatic joint aggregation with mass (no constraints, no potential states)

frame_aFrame_aCoordinate system fixed to the component with one cut-force and cut-torque
frame_bFrame_bCoordinate system fixed to the component with one cut-force and cut-torque
frame_ibFrame_bCoordinate system at origin of frame_b fixed at connecting rod of spherical and prismatic joint
frame_imFrame_bCoordinate system at origin of spherical joint in the middle fixed at connecting rod of spherical and prismatic joint
axisFlange_a1-dim. translational flange that drives the prismatic joint
bearingFlange_b1-dim. translational flange of the drive bearing of the prismatic joint
NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
animationBooleantrue= true, if animation shall be enabled
showMassBooleantrue= true, if point mass on rod 1 shall be shown (provided animation = true and rod1Mass > 0)
rod1LengthLengthDistance between the origins of the two spherical joints
rod1MassMass0Mass of rod 1 (= point mass located in middle of rod connecting the two spherical joints)
n_bAxis{0,0,1}Axis of prismatic joint fixed and resolved in frame_b
rRod2_ibPosition[3]{1,0,0}Vector from origin of frame_ib to spherical joint in the middle, resolved in frame_ib
s_offsetPosition0Relative distance offset of prismatic joint (distance between frame_b and frame_ib = s(t) + s_offset)
s_guessPosition0Select the configuration such that at initial time |s(t0)-s_guess|is minimal
sphereDiameterDiameterworld.defaultJointLengthDiameter of the spheres representing the two spherical joints
rod1DiameterDiametersphereDiameter/Types.Defaults.JointRodDiameterFractionDiameter of rod 1 connecting the two spherical joints
rod2DiameterDiameterrod1DiameterDiameter of rod 2 connecting the revolute joint and spherical joint 2
boxWidthDirectionAxis{0,1,0}Vector in width direction of prismatic joint box, resolved in frame_b
boxWidthDistanceworld.defaultJointWidthWidth of prismatic joint box
boxHeightDistanceboxWidthHeight of prismatic joint box
checkTotalPowerBooleanfalse= true, if total power flowing into this component shall be determined (must be zero)
One kinematic loop with four bars (with JointSSP joint; analytic solution of non-linear algebraic loop)