This information is part of the Modelica Standard Library maintained by the Modelica Association.


Measure absolute kinematic quantities of frame connector

frame_aFrame_aCoordinate system at which the kinematic quantities are measured
rRealOutput[3]Absolute position vector frame_a.r_0 resolved in frame defined by resolveInFrame
vRealOutput[3]Absolute velocity vector
aRealOutput[3]Absolute acceleration vector
anglesRealOutput[3]Angles to rotate world frame into frame_a via 'sequence'
wRealOutput[3]Absolute angular velocity vector
zRealOutput[3]Absolute angular acceleration vector
frame_resolveFrame_resolveIf resolveInFrame = Types.ResolveInFrameA.frame_resolve, the output signals are resolved in this frame
NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
animationBooleantrue= true, if animation shall be enabled (show arrow)
resolveInFrameResolveInFrameAModelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Types.ResolveInFrameA.frame_aFrame in which vectors are resolved (1: world, 2: frame_a, 3: frame_resolve)
get_rBooleanfalse= true, to measure the absolute position vector of the origin of frame_a
get_vBooleanfalse= true, to measure the absolute velocity of the origin of frame_a
get_aBooleanfalse= true, to measure the absolute acceleration of the origin of frame_a
get_wBooleanfalse= true, to measure the absolute angular velocity of frame_a
get_zBooleanfalse= true, to measure the absolute angular acceleration of frame_a
get_anglesBooleanfalse= true, to measure the 3 rotation angles
sequenceRotationSequence{1,2,3}If get_angles=true: Angles are returned to rotate world frame around axes sequence[1], sequence[2] and finally sequence[3] into frame_a
guessAngle1Angle0If get_angles=true: Select angles[1] such that abs(angles[1] - guessAngle1) is a minimum