prepares CUDA functionality to be used from the Wolfram Language.

Details and Options

  • InstallCUDA returns Success when the required CUDA libraries are found and loaded without errors.
  • InstallCUDA uses heuristic methods to find the CUDA toolkit on your system.
  • CUDA library loading is usually done automatically when you use a CUDALink function. You do not typically need to call InstallCUDA explicitly.
  • InstallCUDA returns a Failure object when it can not find or load the appropriate CUDA libraries.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Load the package:

Run InstallCUDA to load the CUDA libraries in the Wolfram Language session. You can click the opener (+) to get more detailed information:

Check which CUDA compiler was found for use in your Wolfram Language session:

Check which CUDA toolkit is used:

Check which CUDA libraries were loaded into your Wolfram Language session:

Possible Issues  (1)

Load the package:

If you do not have a CUDA toolkit installed, InstallCUDA will fail:

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