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MathPictureBox.MathCommand Property

Specifies the Mathematica command that is used to generate the image to display.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property MathCommand As String
public string MathCommand {get; set;}


For graphics output, this will typically be a plotting command, such as "Plot[x,{x,0,1}]". For typeset output (i.e., the PictureType property is set to "StandardForm" or "TraditionalForm"), any expression can be given; its result will be typeset and displayed. Note that it is the result of the expression that is displayed, so do not make the mistake of ending the expression with a semicolon, as this will make the expression evaluate to Null.

You might find it more convenient to define the command in Mathematica as a function and then specify only the function call as the MathCommand. For example, when using this class from a Mathematica program, you might do this:

    plotFunc[] := Plot[...complex plot command...];
    myMathPictureBox@MathCommand = "plotFunc[]";

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