This section includes reference material on SymbolicC functionality.


COperatoran operator expression
CAssignrepresent an assignment
CStandardMathOperatorcall a standard math operator
CConditionala conditional expression

C expressions.

CStatementa C statement
CBlocka block of C statements
CPrograman entire program

Grouping constructs to hold entire statements.

CFora for loop
CIfan if statement
CDoa do while statement
CWhilea while statement
CSwitcha switch statement
CDefaulta switch statement

Programming constructs.

CStructa struct definition
CUniona union definition
CTypedefa typedef statement
CEnuman enum definition
CCasta cast statement
CPointerTypea pointer type
CSizeOfa sizeof expression
CDeclaredeclare the type of an object

Type constructs.

CFunctiona function definition
CCalla function call
CReturna return statement

Function constructs.

CGotoa goto statement
CLabela label
CContinuea continue statement
CBreaka break statement

Execution flow control constructs.

CMemberaccess a member of a struct
CPointerMemberaccess a member of a pointer to a struct

Struct access constructs.

CAddresstake the address of an object
CDereferencedereference a pointer
CArrayan array

Address and dereference operators.

CCommenta comment
CStringa string
ToCCodeStringconvert symbolic C to a string

Formatting constructs.

CIncludeinclude a header
CDefinedefine a macro
CErrorgenerate an error
CLineset the line number
CPragmaextra information for the compiler
CPreprocessorIfconditional compile if
CPreprocessorIfdefconditional compile ifdef
CPreprocessorIfndefconditional compile ifndef
CPreprocessorElseconditional compile else
CPreprocessorElifconditional compile elif
CPreprocessorEndifconditional compile endif
CUndefundefine a macro

Preprocessor statements.