Unity Game Objects

Game objects can be thought of as the building blocks of your game. A game object can represent anything from characters and props to lights and special effects. However, game objects need components to become characters, environments, or special effects. Game objects can be seen in the hierarchy window and must be opened in order to be edited. The Wolfram Language allows game objects to be represented in a symbolic form that can be manipulated immediately.

UnityGameObject represents a game object

UnityGameObjectQ test whether an object is a game object

Game Object Generation

CreateUnityGameObject create a game object

DeleteUnityGameObject delete a game object

FindUnityGameObject find a particular game object

Transform Component

UnityTransform represents a transform

CreateUnityTransform create a transform

DeleteUnityTransform delete a transform

UnityTransformQ test whether an object is a transform

2D Transform Component

UnityRectTransform represents a rect transform

CreateUnityRectTransform create a rect transform

DeleteUnityRectTransform delete a rect transform

UnityRectTransformQ test whether an object is a rect transform