WSM Model Creation

As of Version 11.3, most of the functionality of the WSMLink package is being phased out in favor of experimentally introduced functionality in the Wolfram System. »

Models can easily be created from many kinds of sources, such as systems of differential equations, state-space models, data or existing component models. Combining these makes for a very powerful toolbox for programmatic model creation.

Programmatic Model Creation

WSMCreateModel create models from differential and algebraic equations

WSMConnectComponents create models by connecting components

WSMCreateDataModel create models from data

WSMCreateModelString  ▪  WSMConnectComponentsString

Model Information

WSMModelData find properties for models

WSMNames list models

Model Administration

"MO" import models

WSMSaveModel save models to file

WSMCopyModel  ▪  WSMDeleteModel  ▪  WSMRenameModel

Graphical Model Creation

WSMModelCenter start System Modeler modeling environment