WSMParametricFunction is being phased out in favor of ParametricFunction.


represents a function that computes a solution when evaluated with numerical values for parameters.


  • WSMParametricFunction is generated by WSMParametricSimulate and WSMParametricSimulateValue.
  • A WSMParametricFunction object pfun is evaluated by using pfun[pvals], where pvals are explicit numerical values for the parameters pars.
  • A WSMParametricFunction may return numbers or functions based on the underlying computation.
  • Derivatives of WSMParametricFunction are computed using a combination of symbolic and numerical sensitivity methods when possible.


Basic Examples  (2)

Load Wolfram SystemModeler Link:

Get a parametric solution for z with parameter a:

Evaluating with a numerical value of a gives an approximate function solution for z:

Evaluate at a time t=10:

Plot the solutions for several different values of the parameter: