WSMRenameModel is being phased out in favor of SystemModel, which was introduced experimentally in Version 11.3.


renames the model source to dest.


  • Both source and dest refer to the fully qualified Modelica names.
  • Names can be given as strings or as DotName.
  • WSMRenameModel returns WSMModelData["dest"] if it succeeds, and $Failed if it fails.
  • The shortest unique model name source can be used where WSMNames["*.source"] gives a unique match.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Load Wolfram SystemModeler Link:

Copy a model from the DocumentationExamples library to a new place:

Rename the new model:

Clean up by deleting the new model:

Copy a package to a new place:

Rename a model inside the package:

Clean up by deleting the new package:

Options  (1)

OverwriteTarget  (1)

Copy a package to work with:

By default, renaming to an existing model fails:

Use OverwriteTarget to overwrite the existing target model:

Clean up the created package:

Possible Issues  (1)

Renaming does not move models between packages:

Models can be copied anywhere:

Clean up the created packages and models: