WSMSetValues is being phased out in favor of SystemModel, which was introduced experimentally in Version 11.3.


sets parameters pi to ci in the Modelica model "mmodel".


sets the initial values for pi to ci in the Modelica model "mmodel".

Details and Options

  • WSMSetValues sets values for the Wolfram SystemModeler kernel.
  • WSMSetValues allows you to set parameter values and input variables.
  • WSMSetValues["mmodel",{p1->c1,}] is short for WSMSetValues["mmodel",{p1->c1,},"ParameterValues"].
  • Current parameter values can be found using WSMModelData["mmodel","ParameterValues"].
  • With WSMSetValues["mmodel",{},"InitialValues"], initial values can be set for all variables and parameters.
  • Current initial values can be found using WSMModelData["mmodel","InitialValues"].
  • The shortest unique model name mmodel can be used where WSMNames["*.mmodel"] gives a unique match.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Load Wolfram SystemModeler Link:

Make a copy, and change the value for the parameter a from 3 to 10:

Set the start value of the variable x to 3:

Use the diagram representation of a model as input:

Copy and paste the output above:

Scope  (4)

Use a model with a multidimensional variable:

Set the initial values for the variable:

The start value of the variable x is updated:

Set string values in a model:

Give the string parameter a new value:

The value of x is updated:

Transfer a StateSpaceModel of a mass-spring-damper system into a SystemModeler model:

Simulate the changed model:

Transfer a mass-spring-damper TransferFunctionModel into a model:

Get coefficients for denominator and numerator:

Set coefficients in the model:

Simulate the changed model:

Applications  (1)

Design a controller in the Wolfram Language, and change the model to use chosen control parameters:

Get the transfer function for the model:

Interactively design a PI controller:

Set chosen values in the model with a controller:

Simulate the model with a controller and verify the result:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Define a model:

Simulating with initial values does not change the model:

Change the start value with WSMSetValues: