Modelica Model (.mo, .moe)

"MO" from WSMLink is being phased out in favor of "MO", which was introduced experimentally in Version 11.3.

Background & Context

    • Modelica models.
    • File format specified by the Modelica Association.
    • ASCII format.

Import and Export

  • Import["",{"ModelicaModel"}] imports the specified model to SystemModeler and makes it available in the Wolfram Language.
  • Saving of Modelica models can be done using WSMSaveModel.


  • Import element:
  • "ModelicaModel" loads the model from file



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Basic Examples  (2)

Load Wolfram SystemModeler Link:

Import a model:

Examine the model's equations:

Simulate the model:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Use "SME" to import WSMSimulationData: