Modelica CombiTimeTable

"ModelicaCombiTimeTable" has been replaced by "MCTT".


    • Modelica CombiTimeTable ASCII format data files.
    • File format used by Modelica.
    • Exported files can be read by Modelica component "Modelica.Blocks.Sources.CombiTimeTable".

Import & Export

  • Import["file.txt","ModelicaCombiTimeTable"] imports table data from the ASCII file and returns {"n1"->data1,}, where datai are lists of lists.
  • Export["file.txt",data,"ModelicaCombiTimeTable"] writes data in an ASCII file readable by Modelica component "Modelica.Blocks.Sources.CombiTimeTable".

Import Elements

  • Import element:
  • "ModelicaCombiTimeTable" list of rules with {"n1"->datai,}
  • Export data formats:
  • {{"n1",{{t1,v1},},}time-value pairs {ti,vi} for variable names "ni"
    {{"n1",{v1,},}values vi for variable names "ni"
    {{"n1",ts1},}TimeSeries tsi for variable names "ni"
    {{"n1",f1},}samples of functions fi


  • Option for exporting values {v1,}:
  • SamplingPeriod1distance between samples
  • Options for exporting sampled functions fi:
  • SamplingPeriodAutomaticdistance between samples
    "StartTime"0start time for sampling
    "StopTime"Automaticstop time for sampling


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Basic Examples  (4)

Load Wolfram System Modeler Link:

Export already sampled data for two variables:

Export a TimeSeries:

Import data as arrays:

Scope  (4)

Do automatic sampling of a function:

Export samples without explicit time points:

Tables with signals in multiple dimensions are supported:

Import data as TimeSeries:

Export Options  (1)

Use SamplingPeriod to sample a function at regular intervals:

Properties & Relations  (1)

Use WSMCreateDataModel to create a Modelica model from data:


Plot the output from the data model: