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As of Version 11.3, most of the functionality of the WSMLink package is being phased out in favor of experimentally introduced functionality in the Wolfram System. »

Options for SystemModeler

Most users will not need to change any SystemModeler options, but there are some cases where a custom configuration is warranted.

To use functionality from Wolfram SystemModeler Link, load the package:

Advanced Translation Options

There are advanced settings controlling how SystemModeler translates a Modelica model to a simulation executable. This section describes the available options.

Note that these settings are persistent over sessions.


Tearing is a technique used to reduce large, sparse systems of equations to smaller, denser systems. It can significantly improve the runtime performance of a model. By default, this technique is applied. It is possible to turn off tearing for all models.

Restore the default behavior where tearing is active.

Dynamic State Selection

SystemModeler can use a state selection algorithm that may introduce dynamic states in the model. This algorithm can be enabled, disabled, or enabled for a list of specified libraries. Retrieve the current settings under "Translation" and "DynamicStateSelection".

Turn on dynamic state selection for all models.

Turn off dynamic state selection for all models.

Restore the default setting.