Source code for wolframclient.language.decorators

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

from __future__ import absolute_import, print_function, unicode_literals

import sys
import traceback
from functools import wraps

from wolframclient.language import wl
from wolframclient.language.exceptions import WolframLanguageException
from wolframclient.serializers import DEFAULT_FORMAT, export
from wolframclient.utils.encoding import force_text, safe_force_text

    "wxf": b"8:f\x02s\x07FailureS\x0dPythonFailureA\x01-S\x0fMessageTemplateS\x1aUnexpected error occurred.",
    "wl": b'Failure["PythonFailure", <|"MessageTemplate" -> "Unexpected error occurred."|>]',

[docs]def safe_wl_execute( function, args=(), opts={}, export_opts={}, exception_class=WolframLanguageException ): __traceback_hidden_variables__ = True try: return export(function(*args, **opts), **export_opts) except Exception as export_exception: try: try: # The user can provide an exception class, and it can be broken, in which case we are running another # try / except to return errors that are happening during class serialization if isinstance(export_exception, WolframLanguageException): try: export_exception.set_traceback(*sys.exc_info()) return export(export_exception, **export_opts) except Exception: pass if exception_class is WolframLanguageException: return export( WolframLanguageException(export_exception, exec_info=sys.exc_info()), **export_opts ) # A custom error class might fail, if this is happening then we can try to use the built in one return export( exception_class(export_exception, exec_info=sys.exc_info()), **export_opts ) except Exception as exception_export_err: return export( WolframLanguageException(exception_export_err, exec_info=sys.exc_info()), target_format=export_opts.get("target_format", DEFAULT_FORMAT), encoder="wolframclient.serializers.encoders.builtin.encoder", ) except Exception as unknown_exception: # This is the last resort. # Everything went wrong, including the code that was supposed to return a traceback, or the custom # normalizer is doing something it should not. This should never happen. try: return export( wl.Failure( "PythonFailure", { "MessageTemplate": safe_force_text(unknown_exception), "MessageParameters": {}, "FailureCode": safe_force_text( unknown_exception.__class__.__name__ ), "Traceback": force_text(traceback.format_exc()), }, ), target_format=export_opts.get("target_format", DEFAULT_FORMAT), encoder="wolframclient.serializers.encoders.builtin.encoder", ) except Exception: # Something went worst. # this might happen with import errors / syntax errors in third party pluging that are loading the # exporter and doing some real damage to the dispatcher we are using. return DEFAULT_UNKNOWN_FAILURE[ export_opts.get("target_format", DEFAULT_FORMAT) ]
[docs]def to_wl(**export_opts): def outer(function): @wraps(function) def inner(*args, **opts): return safe_wl_execute( function=function, args=args, opts=opts, export_opts=export_opts ) return inner return outer