JSON-Related Formats

The Wolfram Language has built-in support for a variety of types of JSON, as well as a variety of standard mappings between JSON data structures and Wolfram Language structures.

"RawJSON" nested lists and associations mapped to JSON (.json)

"JSON" lists and lists of rules mapped to JSON (.json)

"ExpressionJSON" full Wolfram Language expressions mapped to JSON (.json)

Binary JSON Formats

"UBJSON" nested lists and associations mapped to UBJSON (.ubj)

JSON Data Storage Formats

"BSON" binary format used by MongoDB, etc. (.bson)

"JSONLD" JSON format for linked RDF data (.jsonld)

"SPARQLResultsJSON" format used by SPARQL endpoints (.srj)

Domain-Specific JSON Formats

"GeoJSON" geo data mapped to JSON (.geojson)