FinancialData Source Information

FinancialData is based on a wide range of sources, with enhancement at the Wolfram Research Companies by both human and algorithmic processing. FinancialData is continually maintained with the latest available information, with automatic updating when FinancialData is used inside the Wolfram Language.

Among principal sources for FinancialData are:

Bankrate, Inc. »

Brigham, E. F., M. C. Ehrhardt and L. C. Gapenski. Financial Management: Theory and Practice. (9th ed.) Harcourt, 1999.

Brown, K. C. and F. K. Reilly. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management. (6th ed.) Harcourt, 2000.

Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey. EVDS. »

CoinMarketCap, LLC. "CoinMarketCap JSON API." »

Defusco, R. A., et al. Quantitative Methods for Investment Analysis. United Book Press, 2001.

EconStats International. »

European Central Bank. Euro Foreign Exchange Reference Rates. »

Francis, J. and C. Ruckman. Financial Mathematics: A Practical Guide for Actuaries and Other Business Professionals. BPP Professional Education, 2005.

Gwartney, J. D., R. S. Sobel and R. L. Stroup. Economics: Public and Private Choice. (9th ed.) Harcourt, 2000.

Morningstar, Inc. Morningstar. »

Quandl, Inc. Quandl. »

To report an error or suggest an addition to FinancialData, contact the Wolfram Research FinancialData team.