FiniteGroupData Source Information

FiniteGroupData is based on a wide range of sources, with enhancement at the Wolfram Research Companies by both human and algorithmic processing. FiniteGroupData is continually maintained with the latest available information, with automatic updating when FiniteGroupData is used inside the Wolfram Language.

Among principal sources for FiniteGroupData are:

Abbott, R. et al. "Atlas of Finite Group Representations, Version 3." 2007. »

Gelessus, A. "Character Tables for Chemically Important Groups." 2007 »

Hamermesh, M. "Group Theory and Its Applications to Physical Problems." 1989.

University of St. Andrews, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Computational Algebra. "GAP - Groups, Algorithms, Programming - A System for Computational Discrete Algebra." 2006. »

Weisstein, E. W. "MathWorld: A Wolfram Web Resource." 2007. »

To report an error or suggest an addition to FiniteGroupData, contact the Wolfram Research FiniteGroupData team.