WordData Source Information

WordData is based on a wide range of sources, with enhancement at the Wolfram Research Companies by both human and algorithmic processing.

Among principal sources for WordData are:

Atkinson, K. "Variant Conversion Info (VARCON)." 2004. »

Atkinson, K. "Automatically Generated Inflection Database (AGID)." 2003. »

Leech, G., P. Rayson, and A. Wilson. "Frequency Lists for Word Frequencies in Written and Spoken English: Based on the British National Corpus." 2001. »

Oxford University Computing Service. The British National Corpus, Version 3 (BNC XML Edition). 2007. »

Princeton University Cognitive Science Laboratory. "WordNet 3.0." 2006. »

Ward, G. "Moby Hyphenator." 2000. »

Ward, G. "Moby Part-of-Speech." 2000. »

To report an error or suggest an addition to WordData, contact the Wolfram Research WordData team.