represents the object obj associated with a particular year.


represents the object obj associated with a date.


represents the object obj for all dates where information is available about it.


  • In Dated[obj,date], obj can be an Entity object, an EntityProperty object, or a string representing an entity property.
  • In Dated[obj,year], the year can be given as an integer.
  • In Dated[obj,date], date is specified using DateObject.
  • When data is requested using Dated[obj,All], a time series is typically returned.


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Basic Examples  (3)

Represent France in 1985:

Find the population of France in 1985:

Dated can also be used on EntityProperty expressions:

A string property name can also be wrapped in Dated:

Scope  (2)

When Dated is used on an entity, properties without date qualifiers will ignore the date parameter:

When Dated is used on a property without date qualifiers, Missing[] is returned:

If Dated is used on both the entity and property, the date associated with the property is used:

Introduced in 2016