represents a blank editable input field.


represents an editable input field that currently contains the expression x.


takes the contents of the input field to be the dynamically updated current value of x, with the value of x being reset if new contents are entered.


represents an input field whose contents are taken to be a string.


represents an input field whose contents are taken to be a number.


represents an input field whose contents are taken to be of the specified type.

Details and Options

  • The following are possible types:
  • Boxesraw boxes
    Expressionexpression (default)
    Hold[Expression]expression in held form
  • The setting for the input field is not updated until its contents are explicitly entered, typically by pressing TemplateBox[{return}, Key0, BaseStyle -> {Notes, FontWeight -> Plain, FontFamily -> Source Sans Pro}] or by moving focus away from the input field.
  • If the data given in the input field cannot be converted to the type specified, then the setting for the input field will not be updated.
  • For String and Boxes types the conversion can always be done.
  • For expressions, a blank input field is taken to have value Null. For strings and boxes, it is taken to have value "".
  • moves between input fields.
  • The following options can be given:
  • AppearanceAutomaticthe overall appearance of the input field
    BackgroundAutomaticinput field background color
    BaselinePositionAutomatichow to align with a surrounding text baseline
    BaseStyle{}base style specifications for the input field
    ContentPaddingTruewhether to shrink the margins tightly around the contents
    ContinuousActionFalsewhether to update continuously every time any change is made to the input
    EnabledAutomaticwhether the input field is enabled or grayed out
    FieldCompletionFunctionAutomaticfunction that takes the current value of the input field and returns possible completions
    FieldHintNullexpression to display when the input field is empty
    FieldHintStyle{}style to apply to the field hint
    FieldMaskedFalsewhether to mask characters in the input field
    FieldSize{{20., 20.},{1.,Infinity}}the size of the input field
    FrameMarginsAutomaticminimum margins to leave inside the frame
    ImageMargins0margins around the image of the displayed input field
    ImageSizeAutomaticthe overall image size of the displayed input field
  • An InputField of type Expression replaces its contents with the fully evaluated form every time the contents are updated. ContinuousAction has no effect on such an InputField, so that no disorienting replacements happen while typing inputs.
  • Possible settings for Appearance include "Framed" and "Frameless".
  • InputField[] is equivalent to InputField[Null].
  • The settings for BaseStyle are appended to the default style typically given by the "InputField" style in the current stylesheet.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Dynamically update the variable via the InputField:

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Restrict the input to a specific type:

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Introduced in 2007
Updated in 2010