Evaluation Interrupt Evaluation...
This feature is not supported on the Wolfram Cloud.

Interrupt Evaluation
interrupts the current operation being performed by the kernel.


  • A dialog box appears when you choose Evaluation Interrupt Evaluation during an evaluation. You can use this dialog box to abort an evaluation or to examine its progress. If you click Continue Evaluation, your evaluation completes normally.
  • Keyboard shortcuts: Alt+, (Windows); Cmd+, (Macintosh); Alt+, (Linux).
  • The following options in the Interrupt Evaluation dialog may be chosen:
  • Continue Evaluationresume evaluation
    Abort Command Being Evaluatedabort the calculation
    Enter Subsessionstart kernel subsession within the interrupted calculation
  • Some calculations may not be immediately interruptible, in which case you do not get the dialog box until the calculation is able to stop. Sometimes when using a remote kernel you may not be able to interrupt short calculations at all, because they are finished before the interrupt request can be transmitted over the network.
  • When you have more than one kernel running at the same time, for example, a local kernel and a remote kernel, this command applies only to the current kernel. You can have several interrupt dialog boxes visible at the same time, each labeled with the name of the corresponding kernel.
  • If the Wolfram System is communicating with another program via WSTP, the WSTP Control options allow you to interrupt, abort, or kill the linked program.
  • If Evaluation Abort Evaluation does not work, that is, if the calculation keeps running for more than a few seconds, you can choose Evaluation Quit Kernel. If you do this, you will have to restart a kernel before you can evaluate anything else.
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