• This message is generated when a package specified in Needs either was not loaded or did not introduce the expected context.
  • If the package was not loaded, there will normally be other warning messages to indicate the nature of that error.
  • This message is a warning intended to report that a package does not have the expected format. This message does not necessarily indicate an error.
  • Standard package format includes BeginPackage or other statements that introduce a context corresponding to the name of the package file.
  • A package is treated as having been loaded if the corresponding context is included in the contexts listed in the value of $Packages.
  • Since Needs is called from BeginPackage, this message can occur when BeginPackage is evaluated or when packages that contain BeginPackage are loaded.
  • Off[message] switches off the message; On[message] switches it on. For example: Off[Needs::nocont].


Basic Examples  (1)

The file corresponding to the indicated context is not found: