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SQLServerInformation   (DatabaseLink Symbol)
SQLServerInformation[server] returns a list of information about the SQL server.
DatabaseLink Data Access and ...   (DatabaseLink Guide)
DatabaseLink provides functions for working with data stored in tables in SQL databases. Operations such as searching, inserting, and deleting are supported. They also ...
DatabaseLink User Guide   (DatabaseLink Overview)
Introduction to DatabaseLink Getting Started Database Connections
SQLSetSavepoint   (DatabaseLink Symbol)
SQLSetSavepoint[conn, name] creates a savepoint to be used as part of an SQL transaction.
DatabaseLink supports SQL transactions and result sets. These features, useful for advanced users, help to maintain integrity of the data stored in your database as well as ...
SQLDelete   (DatabaseLink Symbol)
SQLDelete[conn, table] deletes the data in a table in an SQL connection.SQLDelete[conn, table, cond] deletes data that matches cond.
SQLInsert   (DatabaseLink Symbol)
SQLInsert[conn, table, cols, data] inserts data into a table in an SQL connection.
DatabaseLink provides a number of functions for connection to an SQL database. It also supports a resource mechanism that allows the details of how the connection is set up ...
DatabaseLink Tables and Data   (DatabaseLink Guide)
DatabaseLink has functions for working with the tables of data in a database. It can create and drop tables, as well as fetch information about the organization of tables in ...
SQLServerLaunch   (DatabaseLink Symbol)
SQLServerLaunch[{name -> location, ...}] launches a database server that hosts access to the databases specified in the parameters.
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