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SQLCatalogNames   (DatabaseLink Symbol)
SQLCatalogNames[conn] returns the names of the catalogs in an SQL connection.
SQLSchemaNames   (DatabaseLink Symbol)
SQLSchemaNames[conn] returns the names of the schema in an SQL connection.
SQLExecute   (DatabaseLink Symbol)
SQLExecute[conn, command] executes a command in an SQL connection.SQLExecute[conn, command, args] passes arguments to the command.
SQLSchemaInformation   (DatabaseLink Symbol)
SQLSchemaInformation[conn] returns information about the schemas available through an SQL connection.
SQLTables   (DatabaseLink Symbol)
SQLTables[conn] returns the SQLTable objects for each table in an SQL connection.
Transactions   (DatabaseLink Tutorial)
Some database operations involve carrying out a sequence of database commands. For example, information in two different tables may need to be updated. In these cases it may ...
Getting Started   (DatabaseLink Tutorial)
This tutorial contains simple examples of DatabaseLink that give an overview of its functionality and some ideas of how to get started. It uses a lightweight database, ...
JDBCDriverNames   (DatabaseLink Symbol)
JDBCDriverNames[] returns a list of the names of databases for which JDBC drivers are available through DatabaseResourcesPath.
SQLColumns   (DatabaseLink Symbol)
SQLColumns[conn] returns the SQLColumn objects for each column in an SQL connection.
SQLDataTypeNames   (DatabaseLink Symbol)
SQLDataTypeNames[conn] returns the names of data types that can be stored in an SQL connection.
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