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DirectoryStack   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
DirectoryStack[] gives the directory stack that represents the sequence of current directories used.
NotebookBrowseDirectory   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
NotebookBrowseDirectory is a global option that determines the current working directory.
$TemporaryDirectory   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
$TemporaryDirectory gives the main system directory for temporary files on your computer system.
DirectoryQ   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
DirectoryQ["name"] gives True if the directory with the specified name exists, and gives False otherwise.
DeleteContents   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
DeleteContents is an option for DeleteDirectory that specifies whether the contents of directories should automatically be deleted.
$PathnameSeparator   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
$PathnameSeparator is a string used as a separator when full file and directory names are constructed.
Locate and Use Files   (Mathematica How To)
Mathematica offers support for a large number of file formats for importing, exporting, or other operations. It has several standard locations where it looks for files. You ...
FileExistsQ   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
FileExistsQ["name"] gives True if the file with the specified name exists, and gives False otherwise.
Operations on File Names   (Mathematica Guide)
Mathematica provides a convenient collection of platform-independent functions for manipulating names of files and directories. These functions can also be used to assemble ...
Insert a File Path   (Mathematica How To)
Whether it is for importing, exporting, or other operations, Mathematica must know where to look for files on your computer before it can use them. There are a number of ...
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