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List   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
{e_1, e_2, ...} is a list of elements.
List   (Mathematica Import/Export Format)
Column of numbers or strings. Stores a list of numbers or strings as lines. Plain text format. Is essentially a single-column version of the "Table" format.
List Manipulation   (Mathematica Guide)
Lists are central constructs in Mathematica, used to represent collections, arrays, sets, and sequences of all kinds. Lists can have any structure and size, and can routinely ...
New in 6.0: List Manipulation   (Mathematica Guide)
Widely recognized as the world's most powerful list manipulation language, Mathematica added in Version 6.0 a number of important new functions. Each function was carefully ...
Functions for manipulating elements in explicit lists. This gives a list with x prepended. This inserts x so that it becomes element number 2.
Lists   (Mathematica Overview)
Making Lists of Objects Collecting Objects Together Making Tables of Values
Constructing Lists   (Mathematica Tutorial)
Lists are widely used in Mathematica, and there are many ways to construct them. Some explicit ways to construct lists. This gives a table of the first five powers of 2.
Manipulating Elements of Lists   (Mathematica Tutorial)
Many of the most powerful list manipulation operations in Mathematica treat whole lists as single objects. Sometimes, however, you need to pick out or set individual elements ...
List   (GUIKit Package)
Widget["List"] represents a list.
Lists as Sets   (Mathematica Tutorial)
Mathematica usually keeps the elements of a list in exactly the order you originally entered them. If you want to treat a Mathematica list like a mathematical set, however, ...
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