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$MessageGroups   (Built-in Mathematica Symbol)
$MessageGroups is the list of rules that gives named message groups used in functions like On and Quiet.
M   (Combinatorica Package Symbol)
M[g] gives the number of edges in the graph g. M[g, Directed] is obsolete because M[g] works for directed as well as undirected graphs.
Flow Control   (Mathematica Guide)
Traditional procedural programming languages typically require programmers to define an explicit "flow of control" at every stage in their programs. Mathematica provides ...
Graphics`ArgColors`   (Mathematica Compatibility Information)
ArgColor, ArgShade and ColorCircle are obsolete, with simple definitions in terms of system functions.
CompleteGraph   (Combinatorica Package Symbol)
CompleteGraph[n] creates a complete graph on n vertices. An option Type that takes on the values Directed or Undirected is allowed. The default setting for this option is ...
DeleteEdge   (Combinatorica Package Symbol)
DeleteEdge[g, e] gives graph g minus e. If g is undirected, then e is treated as an undirected edge; otherwise it is treated as a directed edge. If there are multiple edges ...
RandomGraph   (Combinatorica Package Symbol)
RandomGraph[n, p] constructs a random labeled graph on n vertices with an edge probability of p.
ShowGraph   (Combinatorica Package Symbol)
ShowGraph[g] displays the graph g. ShowGraph[g, Directed] is obsolete and it is currently identical to ShowGraph[g].
MathLink Interface 3   (Mathematica Tutorial)
The library now fully supports the Unicode character encoding forms UTF-8, UTF-16, and UTF-32. Use the following new API functions to put or get Unicode characters to or from ...
Every new version of Mathematica contains many new features. But careful design from the outset has allowed nearly total compatibility to be maintained between all versions. ...
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