Fluid Modeling

System Modeler comes with the built-in Modelica Fluid library. This library provides components such as tanks, pipes, pumps, etc. that can be used to model thermofluid networks. The pipe components have built-in friction loss calculations. You can add characteristic curves, such as power characteristics, head characteristics, flow characteristics, etc., to the pump components. Moreover, you have access to various fluid data like moist air, water, ideal gases like hydrogen, oxygen, etc. that are dependent on pressure and temperature. The following tutorials will help you in getting started with the library.

Tank Example »

Observe how the flow velocity changes with the height of the tank

Pipe Example »

Compare flow through pipes of different materials

Pump Example »

Understand the impact of pipe orientation on the pump performance

Valve Example »

Learn to instantiate a flow control valve

Pipe Heating Example »

Learn to combine thermal and fluid models