Modelica by Example

Modelica by Example is a book by Dr. Michael M. Tiller, included with the System Modeler documentation.

Front Matter »

Full table of contents

Introduction »

What Modelica is and why one should use it

Basic Equations »

Describing basic behavior using equations

Discrete Behavior »

Modeling discrete changes taking place at events

Vectors and Arrays »

Using vectors and arrays for concise descriptions of state-space models

Functions »

How to create user-defined functions

Packages »

Demonstrating how packages can be used for organized storage of models

Connectors »

The key to exchange of information between models

Components »

Making reusable models to be used as components of other models

Subsystems »

A pattern emerges for how to make reusable subsystem models

Architectures »

Pre-connected subsystem models offer reusability at the highest level