Trac tickets of package Modelica resolved for version 3.2.1 build 3

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Component: --MSL-general-- (7 matches)

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#807 Replace deprecated `rooted` by `Connections.rooted` Replaced deprecated "rooted" by "Connections.rooted"
#1134 correct usage of units in MSL?
#1245 Is assignment of a derived record instance to a base record instance allowed? Casting of records is not allowed. A record constructor was integrated in wrapper functions.
#1614 Remove bad LinePattern.None from MSL Removed bad LinePattern.None from MSL
#1681 Release test MSL 3.2.1+build.3-rc1
#1683 Upgrade MSL 3.2.1+build.3 to MSL 3.2.2 ?
#1694 Rendering of bitmaps Bitmap annotations corrected

Component: --RegressionTesting-- (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1392 Specify setup for MSL Regression Testing

Component: --TaskForce:Tables-- (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1307 Small 2d-tables causes issues Added support of 2D tables that actually degrade to 1D tables for Modelica Standard Tables
#1619 Erroneous Table Interpolation when applying startTime Fixed the detection of time events of the CombiTimeTable with non-zero start time of the Modelica Standard Tables
#1630 Cannot compile ModelicaStandardTables on trunk Moved declaration of HAVE_MAT_INT64_T / HAVE_MAT_UINT64_T from source to header (ModelicaMatIO.[ch])

Component: Blocks (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1302 Invalid Icon annotation in Modelica.Blocks.MathInteger.MultiSwitch.
#1448 Default component name for class "Not" is "nor1"
#1477 Issue with Modelica.Blocks.Examples.BooleanNetwork1
#1571 Falling parameter in Slew Rate Limiter Corrected parameter limit of SlewRateLimter.
#1617 Incorrect (?) min value for "Falling" in SlewRateLimiter
#1664 Strange integer(precision) annotation in Blocks.Math.MultiSwitch Replaced wrong "integer(precision)" by "precision" in annotations of blocks Blocks.Math.MultiSwitch and StateGraph.Temporary.NumericValue
#1701 Blocks.Types.InitPID has typo in comment string

Component: C-Sources (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1263 Tables: GCC error if ANSI C is forced Fixed ANSI-C compliance of Modelica Standard Tables
#1264 Tables: Text files with Windows line endings cannot be read on Linux Fixed reading table files with Windows line endings on Linux (ModelicaStandardTables.c)
#1269 Tables: Update Matio Library Updated matio library to official release 1.5.2 (ModelicaMatIO.[ch])
#1273 ModelicaStrings.c does not compile on dSPACE targets Fixed compilation of ModelicaStrings on dSPACE DS1006
#1465 Discontinuous change in Modelica.Blocks.Tables.CombiTable2D Fixed the linear and bilinear extrapolation of the bivariate Akima-splines of the Modelica Standard Tables
#1494 Tables: More precise error message if dimensions do not match Improve the error message in case of trailing numbers in external table text files of the Modelica Standard Tables
#1508 ModelicaInternal_print to terminal not available if NO_FILE_SYSTEM is set Fixed ModelicaInternal_print (for Modelica.Utilities.Streams.print) to also output the string to terminal on platforms where a file system is not present (e.g. on dSPACE or xPC)
#1556 Critical sections Fixed multi-threaded access of global variables in C-Sources
#1569 ModelicaMatIO.c not fully platform independent Avoid platform dependency of SIZEOF_LONG (and other) in sources of the Modelica Standard Tables
#1580 File reading works differently depending on OS Fixed platform dependency of ModelicaInternal_readFile and ModelicaInternal_readLine
#1682 Long initialisation for CombiTimeTable using v7 MAT-files Modelica Standard Tables: Fixed poor performance of readMatTable for MATLAB MAT-files with compressed array streams and large (> 1e5) number of rows

Component: Electrical.Analog (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1240 Typo in comment-strings of HeatingNMOS and HeatingPMOS kk2 parameter
#1289 ChuaCircuit has uninteresting StopTime
#1300 Misplaced Placement annotation in Electrical.Analog.Ideal
#1393 Typo in diagram layer of Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Sources.TableCurrent
#1475 Missing comment for parameter Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Basic.M_Transformer.Lm
#1519 Wrong stop time in ChuaCircuit
#1562 switch2.tSwitch should be (fixed=true) in Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Examples.SwitchWithArc
#1563 unfixed startvalues in Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Examples.AD_DA_conversion Digital.Sources.Pulse, DA_Converter, AD_Converter: Adding missing fixed=true values for discrete-time variables

Component: Electrical.Digital (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1564 unfixed initial value in Modelica.Electrical.Digital.Sources.Clock

Component: Electrical.Machines (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1446 Non conform Modelica.Electrical.Machines.Losses.Friction
#1474 Bugs in transformers: wrong sign of secondary power calculation & orientation of secondary components Fixed wrong sign of secondary power calculation and wrong orientation of secondary resistor and stray inductor
#1504 Modelica.Electrical.Machines.Examples.SynchronousInductionMachines.SMPM_Inverter missing 'each' for
#1570 inconsistent initial System for Modelica.Electrical.Machines.Examples.SynchronousInductionMachines.SMEE_LoadDump
#1579 Wrong temperature propagation in transformer ambient Fixed wrong temperature propagation in thermal ambient

Component: Electrical.Spice3 (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1308 Missing StopTime
#1404 Remove experiment annotation from subcircuits in Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Examples.Spice3BenchmarkFourBitBinaryAdder The experiment annotations (StopTime, Interval) in Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Examples.Spice3BenchmarkFourBitBinaryAdder.FOURBIT Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Examples.Spice3BenchmarkFourBitBinaryAdder.NAND Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Examples.Spice3BenchmarkFourBitBinaryAdder.ONEBIT Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Examples.Spice3BenchmarkFourBitBinaryAdder.TWOBIT were removed. Also the documentation of Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Examples.Spice3BenchmarkFourBitBinaryAdder was improved.
#1427 Uninitialized local variables in Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Internal.Mos.mos2CalcNoBypassCode used
#1428 Uninitialized local variable temp in Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Internal.Bjt.bjtNoBypassCode used
#1566 unfixed start values in Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Sources.I_pulse and Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Sources.V_pulse Spice3.Sources.I_pulse/.V_pulse: Added missing fixed=true initialization for discrete variable
#1639 Translation fails for Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Examples.Spice3BenchmarkFourBitBinaryAdder

Component: Fluid (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1306 Incompatible change in MSL 3.2.1 for Modelica.Fluid.Machines.BaseClasses.PartialPump introduced a dummy parameter show_NPSHa to the PartialPump model, in order to improve backwards compatibility (show_NPSHa was removed in MSL 3.2.1)
#1309 AST_BatchPlant.Test.* lack experiment annotation
#1352 wall model in Modelica.Fluid.Examples.HeatExchanger.BaseClasses.BasicHX
#1471 HeatExchanger.BaseClasses.BasicHX: Wrong parameter values
#1527 Parametrization of HeatExchangerSimulation model in Modelica.Fluid
#1560 Type error in BatchPlant_StandardWater
#1582 Min/Max Assertion in 3 Examples from Modelica.Fluid.Examples.AST_BatchPlant.Test
#1601 Wrong calculation of Reynolds number for non-circular pipes
#1633 Modelica.Fluid.Examples.HeatExchanger.BaseClasses.WallConstProps Mistake
#1656 Fluid.Pipes.BaseClasses.WallFriction.PartialWallFriction.pressureLoss_m_flow not backward compatible
#1738 each on scalar in DynamicPipe Removed erroneous use of 'each' in Fluid.

Component: Fluid.Dissipation (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1188 Discontinuous v_smooth in dp_edgedOverall_MFLOW Corrected the transition between laminar and turbulent region
#1335 Problem with StepSmoother Corrected Stepsmoother function to avoid numerical problems
#1343 Should Modelica.Fluid.Dissipation.PressureLoss.Bend.dp_curvedOverall_DP and similar functions have Inline=false? Dissipation functions have either annotation Inline=false or Inline=true
#1350 Issue in Fluid.Dissipation function Introduced a numerical expansion for laminar and transition conditions to avoid numerical errors due to rounding.
#1421 Sign error in derivative of SmoothPower Erroneous derivative of SmoothPower corrected for x≤-adeltax
#1549 Error in straight pipe heat transfer model for laminar flow Fixed error in straight pipe heat transfer model for laminar flow
#1631 Calculation of A2 in dp_curvedOverall_MFLOW and dp_curvedOverall_DP Factor A2 was corrected in range >0.55-0.7.

Component: Magnetic.FundamentalWave (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1531 Incomplete sentence in Contact documentation Removed broken sentence from documentation

Component: Math (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1285 Dimension of Xk in continuousRiccatiIterative and discreteRiccatiIterative Avoid dependency of input array dimension on output array dimension in continuousRiccatiIterative and discreteRiccatiIterative
#1286 Typos in LU_solve2
#1589 No default output for sigma in function Modelica.Math.Matrices.singularValues Matrices.singularValues: if zero-dimension A, sigma=0 is returned (was undefined)
#1661 Extra argument in dgelsx Fix function arguments and documentation of Math.Matrices.LAPACK.dgelsx and dgelsx_vec

Component: Mechanics.MultiBody (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1361 UserDefinedGravityAcceleration redeclared with modifier mue
#1376 Invalid Icon annotations in MultiBody.
#1402 Small typo in colorMapToSvg example
#1452 Huge gravitySphereDiameter in PointGravityWithPointMasses2 Decreased
#1565 EngineV6: incorrect experiment stop time or wrong mention of stop time in documentation MultiBody.Examples.EngineV6/EngineV6_analytic: Documentation improved regarding StopTime

Component: Mechanics.Rotational (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1375 Example "Modelica.Mechanics.Rotational.Examples.GenerationOfFMUs"
#1403 Fix description string in Modelica.Mechanics.Rotational.Components.AngleToTorqueAdaptor
#1523 Move block + MultiBody model can give issues with index reduction
#1554 Modelica.Mechanics.Rotational.Components.LossyGear LossyGear: #1554 fixed (Modelica.Mechanics.Rotational.Components.LossyGear): Added missing unit and description texts to all public variables.

Component: Mechanics.Rotational3D (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1315 Is mount axis in MovingActuatedDrive correct?
#1605 Non-evaluated axis parameters in MultiBody.Rotational3D Added Evaluate=true annotation to axes parameters of Mounting1D, Rotor1D, Bevel1D

Component: Mechanics.Translational (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1331 wrong connection color for support flanges
#1353 Color of connection line from Interfaces.Support
#1437 Modelica.Mechanics.Translational.Examples.InitialConditions

Component: Media (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1014 Dymola-specific code in MSL 3.2.1 Tool-specific workaround removed.
#1390 Cyclical definition in Modelica.Media.Incompressible.TableBased Removed circular type definition for Temperature type
#1422 Uninitialized var in function Modelica.Media.Water.IF97_Utilities.waterBaseProp_dT used Fixed uninitialized variable aux_cv in function Modelica.Media.Water.IF97_Utilities.waterBaseProp_dT
#1442 Possibly incorrect algorithm in Modelica.Media.Interfaces.PartialSimpleIdealGasMedium
#1530 PartialSimpleIdealGasMedium uses different offsets in BaseProperties and in specificInternalEnergy Fixed ticket #1350, wrong offset for u in PartialSimpleIdealGasMedium.
#1583 Undefined return value in Polynomials_Temp.integral
#1593 wrong parameter declaration in MSL model
#1629 Record declaration clashes with function definition. Media.Common.IF97BaseTwoPhase: Changed equation phase=0 to phase(start=0) to avoid an error when the record is returned from a function
#1650 Derivative function has mismatched arguments names Bug in derivative function arguments in Modelica.Media fixed
#1675 still has __Dymola_choicesAllMatching Removed erroneous __Dymola annotation that was somehow not fixed simultaneously in trunk and this branch.
#1679 Circular reference in Modelica.Media.Air.MoistAir.PsychrometricData Circular Reference bug in Modelica.Media fixed

Component: Thermal.HeatTransfer (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1576 Icon for Modelica.Thermal.HeatTransfer.Fahrenheit.FixedTemperature needs update
#1577 Icons for PrescribedTemperature and TemperatureSensor need update

Component: _ModelicaServices (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1457 Relative path as arg to loadResource() Changed docu of loadResource(): input can be URI or local absolute path name (relative path name is not guaranteed)

Component: _ModelicaTest (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1333 Uses of conditional components in ModelicaTest.MultiBody
#1529 Assert may have no effect for ModelicaTest.Media.TestAllProperties.PartialMediumFunctions
#1607 Annotation in wrong place in usertab tests