Trac tickets of package Modelica resolved for version 3.2.2

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Component: --MSL-general-- (9 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#932 Comment naming convention Improved description for "description string convention" for Boolean parameters
#1117 Remove __Dymola_structurallyIncomplete Removed obsolete vendor specific annotation structurallyIncomplete
#1553 tempInterpol1/tempInterpol2 Removed calls to obsolete functions Modelica.Math.tempInterpol1 and Modelica.Math.tempInterpol2
#1662 Modelica_Noise Library for inclusion in Modelica Standard Library Included functions and blocks for random number generation with specified distributions, and to model different types of (measurement) noise
#1698 Improve "double definition" of pi by an import statement Replaced "constant Real pi" definitions by import Modelica.Constants.pi declarations to avoid double definitions
#1764 Unnecessary hiding of results? Removed unnecessary HideResult=true annotations in several models
#1807 Ambiguous unit "1/min" Changed the ambiguous unit "1/min" to "rev/min"
#1886 Modelica.Utilities.Files.exist doesn't work if considered as a pure function Marked impure functions with the vendor specific annotation __ModelicaAssociation_Impure=true
#1924 Regression Testing MSL 3.2.2-beta.2 Regression testing issues have been all explained

Component: --TaskForce:Tables-- (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1717 Tables: Monotonicity preserving C1 interpolation Added univariate Fritsch-Butland-spline interpolation (for CombiTimeTable, CombiTable1D and CombiTable1Ds)
#1814 Monotonicity preserving C1 interpolation (continued) Added univariate Steffen-spline interpolation (for CombiTimeTable, CombiTable1D and CombiTable1Ds)

Component: Blocks (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1012 Nonlinear function blocks in Modelica.Blocks should use homotopy for initialization Numerics improved for the Nonlinear blocks Limiter, VariableLimiter, DeadZone by using the homotopy operator
#1444 Replicator model for boolean and integers missing Added IntegerReplicator and BooleanReplicator to Blocks.Routing
#1473 (Combi)TimeTable with different time base Added new parameter timeScale to Modelica.Blocks.Sources.TimeTable and Modelica.Blocks.Sources.CombiTimeTable to explicitly scale the first table column
#1502 Replace "inPort" and "outPort" in Blocks' documentation Corrected wrong inPort/outPort by the correct input/output text in the documentation of Discrete and Nonlinear blocks
#1637 PadeDelay block with small time delay results in unreliable simulation and wrong Bode plot PadeDelay block: More reliable numerical implementation
#1786 Comments in Blocks.Math.InverseBlockConstraints Corrected description texts in Blocks.Math.InverseBlockConstraints
#1793 LimPID has redundant assertion Fixed wrong and redundant assertion in Modelica.Blocks.Continuous.LimPID
#1798 SlewRateLimiter parameter strict has no effect Corrected Nonlinear blocks SlewRateLimiter and VariableLimiter because strict-parameter did not have an effect
#1882 Missing initial conditions for some Blocks.Discrete blocks Missing initial conditions provided for blocks of the Modelica.Blocks.Discrete sub-library
#1888 Reduce events in hysteresis Blocks.Logical.Hysteresis: Slightly reformulated to reduce the number of events
#1934 Modelica.Blocks.Nonlinear.VariableLimiter, questionable assert statement Assertion test of Blocks.Nonlinear.VariableLimiter slightly relaxed from assert(limit1 > limit2,…) to assert(limit1 ≥ limit2, …)

Component: C-Sources (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1258 Make C-code in ModelicaMatIO.c C89 compliant Modelica Standard Tables: Made C-code in ModelicaMatIO.c C89 compliant
#1433 Get rid of static buffer in ModelicaInternal Made more functions of ModelicaInternal thread-safe by removing static buffers
#1436 Should ModelicaInternal functions check their character pointer arguments if NULL? Added nonnull attributes to pointer arguments and return values of external C functions
#1525 Appropriate license for external C files Changed license of ModelicaExternalC C sources to BSD 2-Clause License (aka Simplified BSD License)
#1550 ModelicaStandardTables: Avoid C++ implementation for shared table arrays Rewrote implementation of shared tables of Modelica Standard Tables in pure C
#1816 ModelicaStandardTables should check range of columns Modelica Standard Tables: Added range checks for column indices of CombiTimeTable and CombiTable1D
#1820 CombiTable1Ds returns allocation error, but no allocation error occurs Modelica Standard Tables: Fixed support of 2x3 and 3x2 2D tables with spline interpolation
#1840 MATLAB struct support in tables Modelica Standard Tables: Added support of struct variables of MATLAB MAT-files
#1845 Memory leak when reading v7 MAT-files Modelica Standard Tables: Fixed memory leak when reading v7 MATLAB MAT-files
#1912 Tables/Matrices: Update Matio Library to v1.5.6 Updated matio library to v1.5.6 (ModelicaMatIO.[ch])
#1928 Latest ModelicaExternalC breaks MSL 3.2.1 Clarified how tools should handle MSL 3.2.2 C-sources in order to maintain backwards compatibility with MSL 3.2.1.
#1939 ModelicaInternal: Cached file not closed on line miss in ModelicaStreams_openFileForReading Fixed repeated opening of cached file in case of line miss in ModelicaStreams_openFileForReading

Component: Complex* (6 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1349 Conjugate complex signal block operations are missing Optional conjugate complex block inputs were added to some blocks and a new block for the calculation of a conjugate complex signal are introduced
#1405 polar representation of complex numbers Added polar representation of single and multi phase sensor outputs in Modelica.Electrical.QuasiStationary
#1462 Does overloading automatically use 'not ==' if '<>' is not defined? Added missing overloaded function '≠' to operator record Complex
#1526 ComplexBlocks.ComplexSISO/SI2SO/SIMO/MISO/MIMO has protected component declared as input Fix protected input component in Modelica.ComplexBlocks.Interfaces.ComplexSISO/SI2SO/SIMO/MISO/MIMO
#1707 Documentation for ComplexBlocks.ComplexMath.Sqrt is wrong Corrected documentation of complex sqrt (the input can be any complex number and the result is the principal square root)
#1850 complex block transfer function Added block Modelica.ComplexBlocks.ComplexMath.TransferFunction

Component: Constants (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1813 Changing constants (2014 edition)! Constants of nature adapted to 2014 values

Component: Electrical.Analog (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1238 Redundant connections in Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Examples.CauerLowPassAnalog: Removed redundant connections of Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Examples.CauerLowPassAnalog
#1241 Boltzmann and electron charge constants should not be redefined in Heating devices Semiconductors package: Boltzmann and electron charge constants used or computed from Modelica.Constants constants
#1319 Badly written loop in Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Basic.M_Transformer Rewrote loop for initial computation of symmetric matrix Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Basic.M_Transformer.Lm
#1406 Fix text on diagram of Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Examples.HeatingResistor Corrected displayed component name.
#1413 Adding new diode model to Modelica.Electrical.Analog Added an improved diode model (Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Semiconductors.Diode2)
#1663 SaturatingInductor should not initialize Psi = 0 Removed fixed attribute of Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Basic.SaturatingInductor.Psi
#1823 New Diode2 model's HeatPort does not work Temperature dependency added to Modelica.Electrical.Analog.Semiconductors.Diode2

Component: Electrical.Machines (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1310 Unclear parameter documentation for induction machines Improved the parameter documentation of the induction machines
#1461 Units of losses in machine parameter record not cleanly documented Improved the parameter documentation of the induction machines
#1706 TerminalBox issue Changed the TerminalBox icon and connector positions in Modelica.Electrical.Machines and Modelica.Magnetic.QuasiStatic.FundamentalWave
#1711 PartialBasicMachine has hidden Js parameter Provided default value Js=Jr for electrical machines in order to avoid warning messages if useSupport = false
#1779 Connector/connection color {199,0,0} for thermal ports Fixed the connector and connects color of thermal ports

Component: Electrical.MultiPhase (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1655 Electrical symbols inconsistencies Fixed font size of component name of Modelica.Electrical.MultiPhase.Basic models and fixed icon of Modelica.Electrical.MultiPhase.Basic.Capacitor
#1827 Modelica.Electrical.MultiPhase.Sources.CosineCurrent has wrong icon Fixed wrong icon of CosineCurrent source

Component: Electrical.QuasiStationary (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1367 Additional variable impedance and admittance models for single and multi phase quasi stationary electrical library Added variable impedance and admittance models for single and multi phase quasi stationary electrical library
#1870 Generic impedance and admittance models are missing QuasiStatic electrical packages Added generic impedance and admittance models to quasi static electrical packages

Component: Electrical.Spice3 (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1386 Using <> on Real in Spice3 Changed asserts in Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Internal.MOS and Modelica.Electrical.Spice3.Internal.MOS2 to avoid illegal equality comparison for Real

Component: Fluid (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1559 Probably wrong and not working annotation in Fluid.Utilities Fixed derivative annotation of Modelica.Fluid.Utilities.regRoot
#1651 Fluid.Examples.PumpingSystem disturbing warning messages during initialization Fluid.Examples.PumpingSystem: Improved initialization definition to avoid disturbing warning messages
#1821 Pressure start values not propagated to states in DynamicPipe Start values for pressures in thermodynamic state records in HeatingSystem example
#1844 Make Modelica.Fluid.Examples.TraceSubstances.RoomCO2WithControls more numerically stable Improved nominal values of example model Modelica.Fluid.Examples.TraceSubstances.RoomCO2WithControls
#1857 Not possible to use FixedBoundary component with medium R134a Improved computation of boundary density in Modelica.Fluid.Sources.FixedBoundary if p,h are chosen as reference values
#1878 Modifier for protected component mC_scaled TraceSubstances.RoomCO2WithControls: Corrected protected modifier
#1935 Odd expression in Fluid/Machines Rewrote Modelica.Fluid.Machines.BaseClasses.PumpCharacteristics.polynomialFlow.max_dhdV

Component: Fluid.Dissipation (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1492 Enhancement of Stepsmoother function Stepsmoother function enhanced and derivative updated to variable inputs for func and nofunc
#1800 SmoothPower_der function includes noEvent operator Operator noEvent() was removed from function SmoothPower_der.

Component: Magnetic.FluxTubes (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#361 Change parametrization of Modelica.Magnetic.FluxTubes.Basic.EddyCurrentx Added new components and revised EddyCurrent in Modelica.Magnetic.FluxTubes
#1396 New features of Modelica.Magnetic.FluxTubes Added new features to Modelica.Magnetic.FluxTubes
#1620 Extended version of Modelica.Magnetic.FluxTubes (Revision 7955) Extension of Modelica.Magnetic.FluxTubes

Component: Magnetic.FundamentalWave (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1226 FundamentalWave: orientation of rotor currents Fixed wrong signs of rotor currents of all cage models
#1536 stray field of rotor cage Changed electrical stray inductances of rotor cage models to stray reluctances in the magnetic domain; this change was required to have symmetrical implementations of stator and rotor models; the change applies to the transient FundamentalWave packages
#1916 Fundamental wave documentation not in sync with the model Fixed documentation of FundamentalWave package

Component: Magnetic.QuasiStatic (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1537 stray field of rotor cage Changed electrical stray inductances of rotor cage models to stray reluctances in the magnetic domain; this change was required to have symmetrical implementations of stator and rotor models; the change applies to the quasi static FundamentalWave packages
#1931 Wrong comment of QuasiStatic.FundamentalWave.Sources.SignalFlux Wrong description text for SignalFlux corrected in Magnetic.FundamentalWave.Sources and in Magnetic.QuasiStatic.FundamentalWave.Sources

Component: Math (8 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1278 "Fortran 77" vs "FORTRAN 77" Corrected the capitalization of "Fortran 77" in external clauses of Modelica.Math functions
#1439 Some comments refer to future "isPresent" function which was removed in Modelica 3.0 Removed comments that refer to not implemented isPresent() function.
#1555 Relax monotony requirement for abscissa values of Modelica.Math.Vectors.interpolate Fixed documentation of Modelica.Math.Vectors.interpolate
#1567 Wrong size limitation on arg of findLocal_tk Fixed size restriction of Modelica.Math.Matrices.Utilities.findLocal_tk.Rk and Modelica.Math.Matrices.LAPACK.dgehrd.A
#1667 Bug in least square calculation in LAPACK (dgelsy) Fixed the dimensions of lwork and work in Modelica.Math.Matrices.LAPACK.dgelsy and Modelica.Math.Matrices.LAPACK.dgelsy_vec
#1759 Modelica.Math.Vectors.normalize contains smooth(0,noEvent(...)) Math.Vectors.normalize: Removed unnecessary noEvent(..)
#1812 Modelica.Math.Matrices.LAPACK.dgesvx does not use work matrix for B Fixed the external function call of Modelica.Math.Matrices.LAPACK.dgesvx
#1851 Include FFT for MSL Added function to compute Real FFT

Component: Mechanics.MultiBody (3 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#253 missing documentation for CAD import Improved documentation of DXF CAD file description for multi-body visualization
#951 Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Joints.GearConstraint GearConstraint: Added optional computation for the total power (should be zero), added implementation notes and more test examples
#1817 Error in Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Frames.Quaternions.Orientation.equalityConstraint Quaternions equality constraints formulation improved to avoid wrong "mirror" solution

Component: Mechanics.Rotational (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#39 Explain friction modelling Added a section to the Rotational UsersGuide explaining the implementation of the friction elements
#1438 Masked tool advertising in LossyGearDemo2 Removed inappropriate tool endorsement
#1523 Move block + MultiBody model can give issues with index reduction Usage of Move blocks of Rotational or Translational library sometimes failed. This has been fixed
#1557 Nominal values in MSL Rotational examples Added nominal values to small state variables in Rotational examples (LossyGearDemo1/2)
#1777 Missing comment string in Rotational Interfaces.PartialFriction: Added missing description string to variable mode
#1818 constant torque with regularization around zero Added new models Modelica.Mechanics.Rotational.Sources.SignTorque and Modelica.Mechanics.Translational.Sources.SignForce; Added new variable Modelica.Mechanics.Rotational.Sources.ConstantTorque.w
#1872 New Rotational component ElastoBacklash2 Added the new component ElastoBacklash2 to the Rotational library

Component: Mechanics.Rotational3D (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1600 Duplicated text in icon graphics annotation of Mechanics.MultiBody.Parts.BevelGear1D BevelGear1D: Duplicate name=ratio text in the icon removed
#1606 Modelica.Mechanics.MultiBody.Parts.BevelGear1D BevelGear1D: Usage and computation of energy flow for a 1D/3D component explained at hand of a new example

Component: Mechanics.Translational (4 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#15 Translational.UsersGuide Added Modelica.Mechanics.Translational.UsersGuide
#1769 Mechanics.Translational typos in documentation strings of parameters Corrected documentation of Modelica.Mechanics.Translational.Sources.Position, Speed and Accelerate
#1776 Missing comment strings in Translational Added missing description strings in some components of the Translational library
#1784 Improve string comments of PartialFriction Corrected description strings in PartialFriction of Rotational and Translational library

Component: Media (11 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1018 Refactor WaterIF97_base and WaterIF97_fixedregion Refactored WaterIF97_base and WaterIF97_fixedregion
#1267 setState_dTx does not work correctly Fixed the computation of the thermodynamic state Modelica.Media.Interfaces.PartialLinearFluid.setState_dTX.state
#1394 R134a Medium Added new functions to calculate setState_pTX
#1430 Conditionally uninitialized local variables in function Modelica.Media.Water.IF97_Utilities.BaseIF97.Isentropic.hofps4 used. Missing initialization fixed in Water IF97
#1509 Guess value for thermodynamicstate.X Fixed missing start value for composition vector in ThermodynamicState
#1561 each on scalars in ReferenceAir Removed wrongly used each in a declaration of a modifier to a scalar record in Modelica.Media.Air.ReferenceAir.airConstants and Modelica.Media.Air.ReferenceMoistAir.Utilities.Water95_Utilities.waterConstants
#1628 Uninitialized fields of record outputs of functions Missing initialization fixed in Water IF97
#1674 Unnecessarily different default start attributes for temperatures in Modelica.SIunits and Modelica.Media Made temperature start values equal to SIunits
#1732 Missing restrictions on inputs array sizes in Modelica.Media.IdealGases.Common.MixtureGasNasa Added input size restrictions to mixture property functions
#1746 HTML conventions are not followed for h3 in Modelica.Media.R134a Media.R134a: Changed HTML heading from <h3> to <h4>
#1834 IdealGases uses parts of PartialMedium Fixed name lookup in partial classes of Modelica.Media.IdealGases functions

Component: SIunits (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1097 Add type "DimensionlessRatio" Added DimensionLessRatio type to SIunits

Component: UsersGuide (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1748 Error in Modelica.UsersGuide.Conventions.UsersGuide.References Fixed wrong characters in Modelica.UsersGuide.Conventions.UsersGuide.References and Modelica.UsersGuide.ReleaseNotes.Version_2_2_1
#1914 Improve links within UsersGuide Added missing links in Users Guides

Component: Utilities (7 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1586 Implementation of Streams.readFile More efficient implementation of Streams.readFile by using the existing C-function to read an entire file with one function call
#1690 Modelica.Utilities.Files.move neglects replace parameter for current directory Do not neglect parameter Modelica.Utilities.Files.move.replace for current directory
#1803 Questions on Modelica.Utilities.System.command Added Include annotation to external function Modelica.Utilities.System.command
#1804 Missing implementation of ModelicaInternal_exit in ModelicaExternalC Implemented the external function Modelica.Utilities.System.exit
#1824 removeFile should implicitly close file Changed Modelica.Utilities.Files.removeFile to call Modelica.Utilities.Streams.close before deleting the file
#1856 Include writeMatrix from ExternData to MSL Added functions to write matrices in various MATLAB MAT formats on file and to read such matrices from file
#1940 Resource leak in Modelica.Utilities.Examples.readRealParameterModel Fixed resource leak in example Modelica.Utilities.Examples.readRealParameterModel

Component: _ModelicaReference (2 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1337 Add "uses" to the list of annotations New entry for "uses" annotation added.
#1695 Comma and Semicolon swapped in ModelicaReference.Operators.ElementaryOperators Corrected mixed up row and column reference in documentation.

Component: _ModelicaTest (5 matches)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1334 Wrong world in ModelicaTest.MultiBody.Joints.JointUPS2 Renamed ModelicaTest.MultiBody.Joints.JointUPS2.world1 to
#1401 Change ModelicaTest.testAllFunctions Introduced test models to test Modelica functions
#1532 Empty package ModelicaTest.Fluid.TestCriticalCases Removed empty package TestCriticalCases from ModelicaTest.Fluid
#1591 Move overdetermined tests to compliance Moved test models with overdetermined initial equations from ModelicaTest to the new library ModelicaTestOverdetermined
#1838 readTableData in ModelicaTest.Tables.CombiTable2D calls external function with wrong number of arguments Fixed readTableData in ModelicaTest.Tables.CombiTable2D

Component: _Modelica_PowerConverters (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1416 New power converters library to be integrated in MSL Included Electrical.PowerConverters in MSL

Component: _Modelica_QuasiStaticFundamentalWave (1 match)

Ticket Summary Release Notes
#1344 Quasi static fundamental waves library to be included in MSL Included Modelica.Magnetic.QuasiStatic.FundamentalWave in MSL