set global options about the current page


  • The following options can be set by MSPPageOptions.
  • ContentTypesets the content type of the returned page
    MinimumVersionrequires that the page runs in particular versions of webMathematica
  • The following exceptions can be thrown by MSPPageOptions.
  • MSPException["VersionError"]if an older version of webMathematica is requested
  • The ContentType option provides similar functionality to MSPReturn. It is different in that it returns the entire page, whereas MSPReturn returns only its first argument.

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Basic Examples  (1)Basic Examples  (1)

In this example the ContentType option is set to return MathML. If the browser is configured correctly, it will launch an appropriate MathML helper application.

MSPPageOptions[ ContentType -> "text/mathml"]

MSPFormat[ Integrate[ 1/(1-x^3),x], StandardForm, RawMathML]

In this example the MinimumVersion option is set to require that the page should be run in webMathematica Version 3.0 or higher. Otherwise an MSPException will be thrown.

MSPPageOptions[ MinimumVersion -> 3.0]

This option is provided for use in future versions of webMathematica.