Mathematica Initialization

This section will briefly describe the initialization process for Mathematica kernels as they are launched by webMathematica and how it can be specially configured.

Each Mathematica kernel is launched and initialized as follows.

1.  The Mathematica $Path is set so that code inside webMathematica can be loaded.

2.  The MSP application is loaded

3.  The security system is loaded

4.  The image system is set up

5.  The memory constraint parameters are set

6.  The logging, message, and print systems are set

7.  Kernel initialization code is evaluated

Kernel initialization code is set with the KernelInitializeCode configuration parameter, which is set in MSPConfiguration.xml. A sample setting follows.

Needs[ "MyApplication`"];

The KernelInitializeCode setting is passed to the Mathematica kernel for evaluation as a last step of initialization. It can contain extra commands for loading special packages.